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All photographs are pro-lab hand-printed on high quality professional paper for the brightest colours and spot-on exposures. Prints are handled on a per-order basis which may increase handling times but, on the flip-side, ensures you get what you want the first time out. Sizes I offer are all based on a 1:1.5 aspect ratio, meaning that the image you see in a gallery is what you can expect to get on paper. In other words, the image generally won't be cropped during printing, which would otherwise result in either missing background areas or having parts of the cars cut out near the borders (so, no surprises). Again, as mentioned elsewhere in my site, I will update galleries regularly. However, if there is that certain shot you want that you don't see, send me your request and I'll try to accomodate you the best I can.

So, if you know what you want, what's the next step? Every image in each of the galleries has a code written below it (generally something like this: cdngp_10-0000 or cevert_72-25A_CAN). The codes indicate the series or event, the year and particular image number. When you are ready to order a print, you need to supply that code so that I can locate the image in my database. Naturally, the size and quantity of prints are also needed to calculate a shipping charge and final total. Please click here for all product pricing.




To order a desktop CalenDar or custom poster from the PRODUCTS pages, you simply need to quote the name written below the item and the quantity requested; for posters, the size is also needed. For event photo CD's, you would need to provide the date and venue of the race/event along with the number, name and class/series of the competitor involved. From there, I can run a check of my database and get back to you with regards to the number of images I would have to offer. For obvious reasons, this number will vary from one competitor, event, series or season to another.




To order pre-designed photo books offered with pre-set themes, you simply need to quote the name written below the item and the quantity requested . For custom race event photo books, you would need to provide the same information as with the photo CD's above. And again, what I may have to offer, with regards to the number of images available, will vary. Also, note that you can order custom photo books filled with images of your choice from any gallery on my site, whether your chosen theme be racing, travel or otherwise. Simply contact me with your special request.


COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Purchase or right-of-use of any images (electronic, printed or otherwise) DOES NOT grant any ownership rights to those images to the buyer. All copyrights remain with the photographer, myself, Paolo Pedicelli. Images sold are for personal, private use or display only, and cannot, under any circumstances, be reproduced by any means or used commercially without any prior written consent or agreement. Legal recourse will be sought if anyone is found to be in breach of said copyrights.





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