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Alongside my contemporary photo galleries, I can offer select images of drivers and cars from a now-by-gone era (60s-90s). Villeneuve, Senna, Lauda....these are just a sampling of the drivers whose images are available for purchase in print, poster and book form. Feel free to browse all the galleries as there is much to discover! For full details on print quality and specs, plus ordering and pricing info, please refer to the INFO and PRICING pages.

Regarding this digitized archive, all film has been scanned at high-resolution (up to 7200dpi in either b/w or colour) to capture the most detail possible. While most images are cropped at a 1:1.5 aspect ratio, some are not. Therefore, the final print may contain slight differences, when compared to the web samples, with regards to content cut-off around the edges. Further, you'll notice that most images in the archive will still exhibit many imperfections (black borders, dust, scratches...) as they would have undergone only minimal editing. Rest assured, however, that the final results will be cropped, colour-corrected and cleaned of dust specks and other blemishes present on the actual film, to the best reasonable extent. Naturally, given the age and/or condition of some of the film originals, it must be understood that degrees of aging may nonetheless remain in the final result. Along with the beauty and character of grain, it's all part of the romanticism of film photography.

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Please click button above to access the archive galleries. I regularly acquire additional film to add to my collection and, as such, will update my galleries as needed. So check back from time to time to see new material that may be on offer. Enjoy looking back at a time when motorsport, particulary F1, was raw and unadulterated!




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COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Purchase or right-of-use of any archive images (electronic, printed or otherwise) DOES NOT grant any ownership rights to those images to the buyer. All copyrights remain with the original photographer(s) and myself, Paolo Pedicelli. Images sold are for personal, private use or display only, and cannot, under any circumstances, be reproduced by any means or used commercially without any prior written consent or agreement. Legal recourse will be sought if anyone is found to be in breach of said copyrights.





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